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I created this website to share insightful commentary on various financial topics that I hope you find interesting! I have guided clients through three horrible bear markets and more corrections than I care to count. I built up my business in San Jose, CA working mainly with individuals and families. I give my clients the choice on how they want to work with me and conduct meetings and reviews in person, on the phone, via Skype, and through screen sharing software. I hope you enjoy my website and please let me know if you would like me to write about a certain topic!

It Will Come Back…

IT WILL COME BACK… “It will come back” is a phrase I have heard many times during my 21+ years as a Wealth Manager.  I am referring to people who own a stock that has fallen substantially in value and they don’t want to sell it.  But will it really come back?  And what is […]

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Is Your Pension Safe?

  Is Your Pension Safe? Pensions are getting rare, but several of my clients have them and it is important to know how safe they are and if you can rely on the income for the future.  The basics of a pension are quite simple:  your company puts money into a pension plan each year […]

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Tax Changes That Affect Retirement

  Tax Changes that Affect Retirement The recent tax bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has not only slashed corporate tax rates and attempted to put more money in the pockets of working Americans, but has also made some big changes to retirement planning. First off, anything in the tax code that […]

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What is Bitcoin?

  What Is Bitcoin?   I’ve had two people recently ask me questions about bitcoin in casual conversation when I said I was a Wealth Manager.  And I’ve seen numerous news articles on the subject as well as discussions about it on CNBC.  However, I’ve found that very few people really understand what it is, […]

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Credit Card Rewards Programs

  Credit Card Rewards Programs   This holiday season had me thinking about credit card rewards programs and how beneficial they can be.  As I waited in line at a department store watching several people go through the line paying with a credit card, I noticed something.  Many of the credit cards being used did […]

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Why Receiving a Tax Refund is BAD

Why Receiving a Tax Refund Is BAD   After reading this article I feel you will be smarter than 95% of all Americans because you will realize why receiving a tax refund is BAD. I believe that people completely misunderstand what a tax refund really is and what it means when you get one. To […]

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Aging With Financial Grace

  Aging With Financial Grace   The US healthcare system is probably one of the most complex in the world and costs have been rising dramatically throughout the past few years.  In this month’s blog, I talk about how to age with financial grace in response to the many financial threats aging might bring.    […]

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Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching Kids About Money Being a father to two young ladies and the fact that I am a financial advisor has really made me think about how to teach my kids about money.  I feel the educational system is far behind in this area and most young adults are woefully unprepared as they head into […]

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There Is No “Magic Method”

There Is No “Magic Method” I recently had a conversation with someone in my service club about investing and it sparked a lively discussion when he learned I was a professional financial advisor.  He was very excited to tell me about this new method of investing he was learning in regards to investing in stock […]

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