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Pay Extra on Your Mortgage or Not?

  Pay Extra on Your Mortgage or Not? This month I tackle a very common question that I receive from my clients.  The question of paying down your mortgage by making extra principal payments or putting the extra money towards investing.  The typical reason I hear from my clients about wanting to pay down their […]

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Saving Versus Living

The Balance of Saving Versus Living   This month’s blog will be personal as I’ve seen and heard so many stories being a financial advisor for 18 years regarding how to balance saving versus living.  I’ve seen people that chose to “live life” and build up stuff like a nice house, a nice car, nice […]

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Possible Impacts of Trump’s Tax Plan

Possible Impacts of Trump’s Tax Plan I have gotten several questions from my clients in regards to the possible impacts of Trump’s tax plan.  All we have to go on right now is speculation, but I thought I would go through some of the better known highlights.  Right now, the Senate has 54 Republicans, 44 […]

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Are Stocks Cheap or Expensive?

When it comes to the stock market, there can be long periods where stocks will be overpriced or underpriced.  There are several metrics professionals use to determine if stocks are cheap or expensive.  In this blog post, I am going to focus on two of those methods.  The Shiller PE Ratio and what is known […]

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The Most Impactful Gift to Your Child

Want to know what is the most impactful gift you can give your child?  A Roth IRA when they are young!  Before I get into specifics, let me give you a little background.  I’ve been volunteering as a Junior Achievement teacher at Fort Collins High School for over a year now educating children on various […]

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A Case for Continued Low Interest Rates

One of the most frequent topics during my client meetings for the past few years has been interest rates and how low they have been.  I often get asked questions like, “How much longer will interest rates remain low?” and “Do you expect mortgage rates to rise?”  There are many arguments for rising interest rates […]

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