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Wealth Inequality in the US

Wealth Inequality in America is Partly Due to Simple Math and the Savings Rate   I am always amazed at when I see certain authors or publications toss around the phrase “Wealth Inequality in America” to create social unrest. The articles mainly try to make people feel how ‘unfair’ the United States is and how […]

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Revenue Sharing

The Hidden Truth about How Many Large Investment Firms Pick the Investments They Offer – Part 2: Revenue Sharing This month’s blog is a continuation from last months in regards to how many of the largest investment firms try to maximize profit at the expense of the average investor. The topic today is one that […]

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Big Changes to Social Security Incoming!

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 that was signed into law on 11/2/2015 will be eliminating the ‘file and suspend’ strategy many people are planning to use to maximize Social Security benefits. Basically, the spouse with the higher earnings record files for benefits at full retirement age and then suspends those benefits (usually until age […]

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Why Invest Overseas?

Since March of 2009 through the beginning of February 2014, the S&P 500 produced a total return of about 200%, for a 20% annualized gain in that period (Source: Tactical Rebalancing and Strategic Allocation in Overseas Equities, February 2015).  So why invest overseas when our US market is doing so well? For one, the US […]

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